I am able to advise you about the strengths of your case and how you are able to pursue it, if at all. I may do this in writing, over the telephone or most usually by meeting you face to face. I normally work across the UK and in some cases internationally. I can draft documents for you to use please ask me if you are unsure whether I am able to help you with the drafting of your document. I can appear for you at court and may be able to negotiate with the other side for you.

My direct access work has been almost as varied as work I have done on instructions of solicitors. Some of my notable direct access work have been reported on various newspapers. You can find some examples of my direct access work online, under my portfolio of cases.

There will be occasions where although I want to work for a client, I may feel unable to do so without a solicitor assisting me. This may be because, for instance, it is necessary to obtain further evidence, which I am not permitted to do, for you, or because your case requires more time than I am able to devote to it. If I think this situation may arise I will in most circumstances be able to make you aware of such in our first conference.

In no circumstances can I receive or handle money on a clients behalf. I will recommend a firm of solicitors if you want, or accept instructions from any firm that you choose to instruct.

Yes, this will depend on the complexity of the case and volume of work I am required to assess. Initial consultation is brief and I do not give any legal advice.

You can write to me at 2 Dr Johnson’s Buildings Temple, London,
Greater London, EC4Y 7AY.

The preferable method of contact is via email at info@yaseenmkhan.co.uk. I normally get back to you within 24 hours.

No. Although I live and mainly work in London I often travel across England and Wales. I will always give you a quote that includes my travel expenses.

My fees will vary depending on the nature of the work and the amount in issue. I keep my hourly rates to well below half of that charged by litigation partners in the large City of London firms of solicitors while offering a service at least comparable to those they provide. I will always quote either an hourly rate or fixed sum before taking on a piece of work.

If I am asked to advise on a specific problem I will usually be able to give a definite figure in advance. For matters where the amount of time I spend will partly depend on factors beyond my control I may only be able to give an estimate.

I am by far not the cheapest barrister but my fees reflect the service I provide to my clients.

Generally speaking Barristers overheads are less than solicitors thus we can charge lower hourly rates than comparably experienced solicitors.

Some of the work a solicitor does such as photo-copying and collating documents you will be able to do yourself. Some people will prefer to have all the work, however small, done by a professional in which case they may be better off using a solicitor and not going directly to a Barrister.

I work independently, not in partnership, and your contract will generally be with me alone. Chambers could be helpful if for example I am double booked I am able to suggest someone else from my Chambers.

I would normally suggest that someone from my chambers could cover that work. The client would not have to agree to that but if they did they would enter into a separate agreement with the other barrister.

The starting point is that the Bar Standards Board has advised barristers not to accept work directly from the public on a no win/no fee (conditional fee) basis.

Saying this there are certain circumstances when I may accept work on this basis. Please contact me for further details.

Although sometimes it is helpful to have someone support you, I will only ever contract with the client.

The newspapers I have listed have reported a case I have been involved in or have been instructed on solely.

Legal aid or public funding is not available for direct access to barristers, so if you hope to be funded that way you should approach a solicitor.