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Criminal law covers a range of matters; from common assault and theft to, complex fraud, rape and murder. I have extensive experience in criminal law having initially completed my training in this area as a barrister.

I have been involved in a number of high profile cases reported on the national newspapers for such cases. A specific area I specialise in is driving offences including representing both black cab and PHV drivers. Unfortunately I do not do any criminal legal aid work.

Family law includes matrimonial cases such as divorce, separation, adoption, fostering and local authority care, child custody, rights of the absent parent to have contact with children, who a child should live with, parental responsibility and parental rights, domestic violence, child abuse, non-molestation injunctions and occupation injunctions.

I have experience of both representing clients in complex public law proceedings and also private law proceedings where I have represented a number of high profile clients.

Probate and Inheritance law covers aspects relating to issues that arise when planning for property distribution on death and issues arising after death.

Most commonly this includes challenges to the will on the foundation of lack of knowledge and approval that the testator was pressurised into making a will and whether the will was revoked in any way.

Commercial law is a broad term and is any legal relation with general trade and commerce, including business documents and contract, carriage of goods by air, sea or land, the import and export of goods, exploitation of oil and gas, insurance and reinsurance business agency and arbitration.

This is the predominate area of law I specialise in and am most knowledgeable in. I have advised and represented individuals involved in small claims to multimillion-pound companies both in the UK and offshore.

Immigration law covers claims to asylum in respect of the following:

  • Leave to enter or remain in the UK,
  • Citizenship and nationality issues,
  • Removal or deportation from the UK and other questions regarding status of foreign nationals in the UK.

Property law is the area of law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property and in personal property, within the common law legal system.

The term property law encompasses a wide area of law and apart from commercial law this is another area of my expertise. As well as my experience in this area of law as a barrister I am a property developer hence have a keen interest in this area of law. Currently I am working on a number of projects both in relation to development of empty land, and re development of commercial and residential buildings.

Employment law covers the employment relationship including questions of unfair dismissal, discrimination in the work place, trade unions, protection of employees on the transfer of undertakings, maternity rights, redundancy, strikes, unlawful deductions from wages and equal pay.

Employment law concerns an employee and their rights and obligations as well as dealing with an employer’s obligations and duties.

Personal injury is a general legal term for injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property.

The most common types of personal injury claims are:

  • Road traffic accidents,
  • Accidents at work,
  • Tripping accidents,
  • Assault claims,
  • Accidents in the home,
  • Product defect accidents (product liability); and
  • Holiday accidents.

Specifically I have worked with both companies and advising individuals in personal injury cases ranging from whiplash and rear end shunts to serious injury claims.

Public law administers the relationship between an individual and the government and is the set of legal principles governing the power by public bodies including government departments, local authorities, the prison service, NHS Trusts, and many more.

I have experience of advising and representing both individuals and the local authorities on various areas of public law and have recently been appointed on the Attorney General’s Panel Counsel.



Someone asked me whether Yaseen was ‘good’ as I had used him in the past, I told them that he wasn’t ‘good’ but the BEST. After my trial I was found not guilty and rightly so! He is very good at explaining matters properly!

Abdul Hassan Yasin

Drink Driving

After a year of hell and using nick freeman “mr loophole” I met with Yaseen last minute less than a month before my trial. He not only was FANTASTIC before the trial, I was found not guilty for drink driving after trial. I honestly cannot recommend him enough. Now known as the ‘Houdini’  of driving cases in London. Although he was not the cheapest he is bloody good so worth every single penny or pound!

Tom Forshaw


I wish to stay anonymous however after 40 years in the property market I have never met someone as passionate and enthusiastic as Yaseen. He has done some very complex commercial and property matters for myself and has done so fantastically. He is very intelligent, has a great personality and is surprisingly well connected in the London property market which always helps.


Property Developer (Top 50 Rich List)



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