Someone asked me whether Yaseen was ‘good’ as I had used him in the past, I told them that he wasn’t ‘good’ but the BEST. After my trial I was found not guilty and rightly so! He is very good at explaining matters properly!

Abdul Hassan Yasin

Drink Driving

After a year of hell and using nick freeman “mr loophole” I met with Yaseen last minute less than a month before my trial. He not only was FANTASTIC before the trial, I was found not guilty for drink driving after trial. I honestly cannot recommend him enough. Now known as the ‘Houdini’  of driving cases in London. Although he was not the cheapest he is bloody good so worth every single penny or pound!

Tom Forshaw


I wish to stay anonymous however after 40 years in the property market I have never met someone as passionate and enthusiastic as Yaseen. He has done some very complex commercial and property matters for myself and has done so fantastically. He is very intelligent, has a great personality and is surprisingly well connected in the London property market which always helps.


Property Developer (Top 50 Rich List)
Anjam Mirza

Very good! managed to drop the case so to speak, before going in to Court on a legal point! Can’t say how impressed I am. Worth every penny and I saved money in the grand scheme of things as I just paid for Yaseen directly.



Business Owner

Perfect … he is GOOD! outcome was better than expected

Kay Balster

Self Employed

Yaseen has a great way of handling complicated cases. I was horribly stressed out for nearly a year. He really helped me and my family and was a fantastic barrister even with all the press in Court. THANKYOU.

Sophie Peters

Care Industry
housing law

Housing law genius! I was stuck and charged with illegal eviction. Couldnt thank him enough. The free intial consultation was very helpful! Not relevant to everyone, but ability to speak punjabi is very helpful!

Hamida Bibi

Business Owner
sajjad raja

Knows his stuff when it comes to taxi licensing. He was really helpful in conference and brilliant when representing me! Could not thankyou enough Yaseen, literally helped me get my life back on track!

Sajjad Raja

Taxi Driver

Very fast response, happy to work on a very short notice. Yaseen gave the company excellent advice. Highly recommended.

II Ltd

Driving offence

Yaseen has FANTASTIC knowledge of driving related offences. I lost weeks of sleep but felt so well represented in Court. Lost for words, thankyou very much! Could not be any happier.

Peter Wilkinson

Business Owner

Save money by paying for just a barrister

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